Meet the PTO Board Members

Megan CoopersmithPresident
Petra Crevier1st Vice President
Rachelle Picarello2nd Vice President
Ilana Hernandez Recording Secretary
Nicole BottrelCorresponding Secretary
Kristen PaladinoTreasurer

Our Mission

The Ben Franklin Parent Teacher Organization (“PTO”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity organized by parents, administrators, and teachers of the Ben Franklin Elementary School.

The mission of the PTO is to build a lively and cohesive school community, and provide activities and enhancements otherwise unobtainable through the school’s budget. The PTO organizes activities for the children and parents, arranges volunteers to assist school staff, encourages communication, and builds positive relationships between parents, administrators, teachers, and students. In addition, the PTO raises money for school activities, field trips, and enhancements for the school.

To further its cause, the PTO, in accordance with its bylaws, elects Board Members to create and oversee all events, hold meetings, and decide how raised funds should be dispersed throughout the school. The PTO Board Members, as well as all other PTO members and volunteers, are unpaid positions.

Where does the money go?

Click here to see how the funds raised were distributed for the 2018-2019 school year.