Have a question for the Ben Franklin PTO?

General PTO questions: Megan Coopersmith, President

Volunteer opportunities for PTO events: Petra Crevier, 1st Vice President

Homeroom coordinator/helpers questions: Rachelle Picarello, 2nd Vice President

Report website error, or questions about website/social media, meeting minutes, PTO membership, or the school directory: Ilana Hernandez, Recording Secretary

PTO email mailing list, PTO weekly newsletter correspondence, PTO membership, or the school directory: Nicole Bottrel, Corresponding Secretary

PTO finances including profits from a specific PTO event, or expenditures: Kristen Paladino, Treasurer

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Megan CoopersmithPresident
Petra Crevier1st Vice President
Rachelle Picarello2nd Vice President
Ilana Hernandez Recording Secretary
Nicole BottrelCorresponding Secretary
Kristen PaladinoTreasurer